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 The Law in Rwanda

The Law in Rwanda

Prostitution: Illegal

Brothel Ownership: Illegal

Pimping: Illegal

President Paul Kagame yesterday warned that the government would not tolerate prostitution in Rwanda. Addressing thousands that thronged Amahoro National Stadium to commemorate the 30th International Women's Day, the President castigated prostitution as an illicit act that should never be defined as part of the country's development agenda. 'I received reports from the Mayor of Kigali recently that some women and girls were arguing that it (prostitution) is a sign of development,' Kagame said. 'It is not part of Rwanda's path to development and, therefore, must stop.'...

'It (prostitution) cannot be classified anywhere in the country's development indicators. It is a menace that ought to be stopped immediately because we have our own morals and cultural values that have to be preserved and protected,' Kagame stressed...."

 Massage Parlors & Escort Services in Rwanda  

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