Massage Parlors and Escort Services in The Philippines
Philippines Massage
Philippine Massage Parlors

The Philippines is home to a very busy, wild and often visited red light zone.
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 Massage Parlors & Escort Services in the Philippines
Philippines Massage
Before I took my first trip to manila I used this site to do some research and it really helped out.
I’ve been to Manila twice last year, and twice in 2007.
Manila is heaven for men, the women don’t get any more beautiful and fun loving! I stayed at the City Gardens and Oxford Suites in Makati both basically right on Burgos St. Both good qualities for the price, I prefer the City Gardens better because they have a gym, and a pool, Jacuzzi bar and restaurant on the roof, and the view is amazing.
The bars on Burgos St are fun and filled with beautiful girls but because it is the heart of the tourist area in Makati, it is fairly expensive for the girls. They try to ask 3,000 peso bar fine but depending what time of night it is and how many drinks you have bought you can get it lower. Then the girls will expect around 2,000 tip the next day.
There was one bar with tables and chairs outside, I really enjoyed sitting their with a drink watching all the activity.
Often girls would approach and sit, sometimes they asked if they could join and I usually said yes. I used to tell  them I was engaged and with my girlfriend, but it didn't stop them offering wonderful service. Sometimes the girls turned out to be boy's, but they were beautiful.
Some of the most enjoyable times of my holiday were spent outside that bar.
You would be offered everything from videos, viagra, copy watches etc, etc.

I also liked to go to the EDSA entertainment complex in Pasay, it is about a 10min taxi ride from Burgos St, so not far, maybe 20 in heavy traffic cost around half US$

It is basically a big building with about 8 bars inside, all packed with 30 to 50 girls each, the most notorious being the firehouse. Here the quality is just as good as on Burgos St. Yet the barfine is only 1,000 pesos, and the girls will expect 2,000 to 3,000 pesos the next morning, I tipped 2,500 or 3,000, but I always picked one of the best looking girls, 9's or 10's, and multiple sessions both that night and the next morning/afternoon

Margerita from
Buenos Aires
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