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 The Law in Japan

Prostitution: Illegal
Prostitution is defined as only coitus. Non-coital sex acts are not illegal.

Brothel Ownership: Illegal

Pimping: Illegal

Although the 45-year-old Prostitution Prevention Law prohibits hooking, straight sex has been widely practiced at soaplands, which number around 1,270 nationwide...

...The law says that it is prohibited to sell or buy sex, but it does not penalize those acts. Instead, it penalizes prostitutes for soliciting or waiting for customers in public places, such as on the street and in parks. It also penalizes anyone who forces somebody to engage in prostitution, exploits a prostitute or gives financial support to a business engaged in prostitution...

...According to the National Police Agency, there were 908 fashion health massage parlors and 5,425 'outcall-style' fashion health parlors that were publicly registered in 2000 under the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses, etc. What protects the operation of the fashion health parlors is simple -- they only offer oral sex, anal sex and other sexual services that are not interpreted as sex in the prostitution law...

In 2000 1,225 people were arrested on suspicion of violating the prostitution law. But that it is believed to be just the tip of the iceberg. Research conducted by Bank of Yokohama on the state of the underground economy in Japan in fiscal 1998 estimated that unreported earnings from commercial and 'amateur' prostitution come to around 945 billion yen..."
 Massage Parlors & Escort Services Japan
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Which is it? A soapland or a massage parlor.

In Japan Massage Parlors are mainly known as ""soapland"" bathhouses.

In 1956 Japan outlawed prostitution, after having encouraged and developed the trade in licensed areas for hundreds of years. But the law full of loop holes allows it to flourish and the nation spends around US$14 billion a year on sex..

The “soapland” bathhouses, considered
A young girl I met in a “soapland” bathhouse where she has been working for a few weeks, was more than happy to chat about herself. Her name, probably not her real name, was Miko, she was 23 years old and very attractive. We chatted for quite a while, as her English was pretty good. She looked on this job, selling sex in a high class “soapland” brothel, as a smart move, allowing her to indulge herself and to dream of retiring in 7 or 8 years. Five customers in a day is considered good, and helps her on her way to buying her own house.

Japan is suffering record unemployment at this time which coupled with the poor economy is forcing more and more women into the sex trade, many doing it to pay the bills, some just to survive.

Quite a large number of school girls sell sex to enable them to buy trendy clothes and accessories, considered must have items.

Which is it? A soapland or a massage parlor.

Massage parlor's in Japan can mean anything from a million types of massage to a hand job joint. Relatively inexpensive.

A soapland is a higher budget affair where you come in the door and are treated to:
1] BJ
2] Sukebe isu - perverts chair where you sit and a girl under you does unspeakable things with here tongue.
3] Large Bath tub and a BJ
4] Rubber and Oil sex
5] Bed Sex
The service you get depends on how much you want to pay but generally speaking 50,000yen to 100,000 yen for a nice place. The price is indicative of the service. Of course it also depends on your stamina.


Escorts are plentiful in Japan, although there are a lot of Filipinas; Taiwanese; and Korean girls.

Iwakuni is a good area of Japan for adult entertainment. There are plenty of hostess bars downtown, mostly filled with girls from the countries mentioned above.

The bar ""All In"" whose Mamasan was korean, she had about 7-8 girls working at the time. The girls were Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese. It was a small bar with a few massage tables in the back. Nice friendly place where you can have some drinks and mess around with the girls.

Prices were anywhere from 2000yen to 20000yen from a regular massage to sex. Plus prices varied depending on how well the girls liked you, how high you score on karaoke, and how well you can bullshit.

Fukuoka- Only experience here was with regular girls. We went there 3 times while staying in Iwakuni. Hooked up extremely easy every time. Just cruise the clubs/bars in the Tenjin-Daimyo area. Be nice, a little Japanese helps...learn how to tell them they're pretty, easy. Anything to get them to laugh works. If you can get them out of the for a bite to eat, you're golden.

Japanese girls inTokyo- Sorry, only regular girls here too.

To be continued................Tokyo 1

Margerita from
Buenos Aires
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