Massage Parlors and Escort Services in Egypt
 The Law in Egypt
Egypt Prostitution: Illegal

It has been illegal since 1949. The man is considered a witness and is exempt of punishment for testifying against the prostitute. The penalty for prostitutes is 3-36 months in prison and/or a fine.

Brothel Ownership: Illegal

Pimping: Illegal

Egyptian law bans both prostitution and the marriage of girls under 16. 'Minors in prostitution are sent to a sort of corrective centre, where conditions are often as bad if not worse than they are in adult prisons,' said Nihad Abul Qumsan, director of the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights. 'The man involved is not usually prosecuted, but rather acts as a witness in a trial.'"
(Nov. 16, 2006 "Minors Sold For Prostitution Under Guise of Marriage," Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN))

 Massage Parlors & Escort Services in Egypt
Nightlife, sex and fun in Egypt

It is quite hard to find available arab women, escorts/ prostitutes, although there are some attached to some of the large hotels, like the Hilton, Sheraton and the Cairo Semiramis Intercontinental.

If you want girls, there are plenty if you know how to find them.
Ask a cab driver to take you to the Africana, he will probably try and take you elsewhere and may say he doesn't know it, but they all do.
The Africana is in Pyramids Road, Cairo, not a place to go if your reflexes are a bit on the slow side, Africana is as well-known for its brawls as its music. Still, it's certainly a lively venue with music (mainly from south of the Sahara) that are refreshingly different from the techno you'll hear elsewhere.
Any way, get inside Africana, and there you go, just like the Herastaru in bucharest, many working girls, mostly black, and nubian, but some are good lookers and the charge should be around US$30 to US$50 for the night.

If you are confident then Harlem Street in downtown Cairo and you will find street girls.  A  word of caution be aware and cautious, the danger is not physical but there are a lot of scams.
The Cairo Hilton, not the blue Nile Hilton usually has a few nice working girls in the upstairs bar. Bartenders can be a source of information.
Sometimes when you take a girl to your room, hotel security may come knocking, usually they want money.

The Golden Bell in Road 257, New Maadi, Cairo is I believe a place where working girls can be found.

Other ways to find girls is try to hook up with an Egyptian friend..if not then the taxi driver might be an option. The scene is generally safe. How ever, there were reports of girls placing sleeping bills in your drink and then  stripping you of every thing while you are always be careful. Prostitues in Egypt are usally of Poor quality and very few are considered highly desirable and are extremely do not expect to much. Once you rent an apartment ..the minimum is usually a week, in summer it is usually 500 LE which is =$150. Girls will be coming and knocking at your door asking you if you need someone to wash for you , your clothes..say yes and go from there.  Everything is allowed upon request. Always assume that they are not clean and use protection all the way for everything .
Second option, is Five stars Hotels: Sheraton Heliopolis and Sheraton Cairo in the Bars inside. If a girl gives you an eye contact..go for it. Again no more than LE250. Hotel might harrass you for bringing thegirl to your room so, be discreet. Have her go after you by 5 or 10 minutes and give her your room number. No exchangeof money in advance and watch your
Third option, If you want girls, there are plenty. Pay NO MORE then 30 pounds, get in the cab and tell him to take you to the Africana Disco, he will talk you out of it for other places or not know where it is, but they all know where it is, it is ALL a game in Egypt and especially in cairo.Any way, get inside Africana, and there you go, just like the Herastaru in bucharest, ALL working girls, mostly black, and nubian, most are ok looking, no real stunners but some gems.
25-35 for all night , thats us dollars.
If you are strong or buff, go downtown cairo and go to Harlem street, taxis will know, street girls walk around there.
If you get lost go to Cairo Hilton, NOT the blue Nile Hilton and go up stairs to the bar, ask the man bartender, about Harlem street or how to get there, he is not muslim and doesnrt care.
Good luck, and please remember when in Cairo it is ALL a big scam, from the moment you get off the plane until you get back on.

Margerita from
Buenos Aires
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