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Vienna Massage
Located at Rijnstraat 224,
Phone 612 3444.
This place advertises it's self as a massage parlor but does not really offer massage, just sex so it's more like a private brothel club than a massage parlor. Very discrete entrance and quite easy to miss, look for a white door with a gold plaque on it and write down the address before going.
They also offer a call out escort service.

Sabailand Traditional Thai Massage
Located at Marnixstraat 155,
Phone 623 5827
Sabailand the place to go for a real Thai massage, located in the Jordaan area.
Some of the girls offer "Extra special services"

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Chewitt Girls
 Siri Massages (No Web Site)
Located at Admiraal de Ruijterweg 402, Bos En Lommer
Phone (Mobile Number) 061 1156739
A small plaque next to the buzzer on the door says they provide physiotherapy and sports massage. On entering you are welcomed and shown into the waiting area
Once you select your masseuse she leads you to a room and heads off to get water and some oils and stuff. She then stripes off and gets to work on you.
Extra services are also offered to certain guests. There are several other clubs in this area.
Open weekdays only.

Swinger Clubs

Swinger clubs, meet someone interesting and fuck them there and   then, what could be better.
Parenclubs specializes in public group action and more. Facilities vary from beautiful to simple bars. See this site to read peoples comments on Brothels, Gang Bangs, FKK Clubs, Partytreff Clubs, Swingers Clubs, and lots of information on Prostitutes in general.

Club Paradise
Located at Schaafstraat 26,
Phone 637 3416
If Paradise is half as nice I cannot wait to get there. This place is for the open minded kind of person and not for the faint hearted. You have it all here gang bangs, group sex, males, females, homo's, lesbians and orgies with people having sex all over the place right in front of your eyes.
Dress code once inside is towel only. Singles Monday to Friday only, Weekends are reserved for couples and special events like gang bangs when women are hired to provide extra pussy (men always out number women). Group and private rooms, large lounges, excellent spa facilities, large disco bar all combined makes this a fine place.
Admission charges differ depending on the day.

Candy Club
Located at Eikenweg 29,
Phone 694 7379
The oldest swingers club in town if not the world now into it's 37th year. More gang bang stuff here. Friday night is gang bang night, Saturday nights are couples only. while Sunday see the "Pleasure Dome" when everyone is welcome. This is you bargain basement swingers club and offer zero facilities are offered.(your clothes lie where they drop). Their slogan is "where everything is allowed and nothing is obliged".

Located at Nassaukade 120.
Phone 475 1981
This is a crazy place where anything can happen and usually does. It's a bar / cafe type place where the clients provide the entertainment and I don't mean singing. Sex man sex and plenty of it. You will find people doing in on the table next to you, on the bar and every corner will be taken For the leather heads there is a torture and bondage a dungeon provided in the basement. Regular theme nights during the month and appropriate dress is encouraged

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